Monday, 1 April 2019

NaPoWriMo 2019 - Day 1

Hello Readers,

After contemplating whether I can fit a poem a day in amongst camp Nanowrimo, university studies, and a full time job. I eventually thought why not! I'm either feeling incredibly inspired or a little crazy - maybe even a bit of both, but here's my first poem of the month ...

(Image credited to pexels, Pixabay)

King of the Road 

Tredging through grey skies,
Where clotted clouds break,
And wild oceans fall,
The daily commute,
Where man-made contraptions,
Come to a standing crawl,
I have seen woodlice,
Scurry faster than the,
Mad hour of metal trawl,
Clinking, scratching plates,
Spin in anti-clockwise,
Motions they create,
Honking, screaching, cursing,
Overtaking, anger breaking,
There's no time to wait,
As each hunk of metal,
Pushes past the other,
Alas, the ruby glow,
A soft alarm enchants,
The circus comes to halt,
The road is mine at last.

Thanks for reading,

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