Friday, 22 March 2019

Flash Fiction Friday 4

Hello Readers and Writers,

Welcome to Flash Fiction Fortnightly - the latest addition to my blog, where I will be posting a story provoking image fortnightly on a Friday, throughout the year. The aim is to write a piece of fiction - a story or poetry, in no more than 100 words.

Todays inspirational image is ...

(Image credited to jplenio, Pixabay) 

Beneath an ink blotted sky they waited patiently. Guardians of Gaia, warriors of the woodland, they watched humanity as it spread cataracts of waste and destruction through her eyes. As the spring equinox approached - during the conjunction of day and night, bark began to crack and fall like autumn leaves. A glowing green sap slithered from the roots, creating a portal to our world. Branches transformed into twisted spindles, snaking around the sky above. A spiral of white fog circled each tree, as Gaia's children broke free. 

Thanks for reading and writing, 


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