Friday, 22 February 2019

Flash Fiction Friday 2

Hello Readers and Writers,

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday - the latest addition to my blog, where I will be posting a story provoking image fortnightly on a Friday, throughout the year. The aim is to write a piece of fiction - a story or poetry, in no more than 100 words.

Here's todays inspirational image ...

(Image credited to pixel2013, Pixabay)

His eyes blended with the marmalade sky above, longing for her touch. These days he struggled to remember to take his medication, let alone the day she left him. After their wedding, they would often sit among the stars - hand in hand, sharing stories of magical lands, contained within each twinkle. 
'We'll meet again in the stars,' she whispered, before taking her final breath. 
The orange sky fell like an ancient tapestry, to reveal a navy tone - the colour of his jeans. 
'I'll see you in the stars,' he whispered, his eyes sinking like icebergs in the night. 

Thanks for reading and writing,


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