Saturday, 2 February 2019

Back to Blogging, Louise Lake Designs, and Flash Fiction Fridays

Hello Readers,

After taking some much needed time off from blogging, I'm pleased to say that it's good to be back! Last year felt like one struggle after another, as I battled through anxiety and university, as well as working full time in my day job. Life is hard for a writer these days! But, I'm happy to say that after losing myself in a deep well of writer's block, I have rekindled the positive fire within, and started to write again. A lot of it was down to the fact that I was able to change course in my university studies, to complete a new degree in Design and Innovation, with Creative Writing.

Being passionate about art and writing, I always thought I would have to choose one over the other, as I struggled to find a way of working on both of my passions at once. However, last year I discovered a solution that had been staring me in the face for a while. Instead of creating canvas paintings and writing in my spare time, I began to apply some of the techniques I learned during my first year of studying design. Now I create hand-drawn illustrations on a smaller scale, and I've learned watercolour techniques, and digital colouring, which have enabled me to create beautiful images much more quickly, thanks to the many tutorial videos available on YouTube, and online articles, by amazing artists worldwide. I even started my own ethical, cruelty-free clothing brand - Louise Lake Designs.

I would like to thank you for your patience during this hectic period, but now that I'm back I have lots of great plans for this blog, starting with Flash Fiction Fridays - where I will post an image followed by a responding story written in 100 words or less. This idea was inspired by this weeks Open University 50 years flash fiction competition. I would love to see what the images evoke in you, so please feel free to drop a comment with your response to each image. I will also be actively posting the Flash Fiction Friday challenge on my social media channels:

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I'd like to leave today's post on a fun note, so here's a new humour poem I whipped up recently.

(image credited to ivanovgood - Pixabay Artist)

The Hairdryer

My mum told me
She was going to buy
A fancy hairdryer today,
One that saves energy
And is really quiet,
I said
I know where you can get
One of those for free,
She asked where?
I replied
Use a towel.

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake. 

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