Saturday, 28 April 2018

NaPoWriMo Day 28

Hello Readers,

Welcome to day 28 of national poetry writing month. Today's poem is inspired by discrimination and being afraid to be yourself.

(image by EtienneL, Pixabay artist) 

Snow White Snail 

There once was a snail who was white, 
Who went by the name of Benjamin Dwight, 
He gave the other bugs a fright, 
When he lit up like the moon at night, 
Until a human called Bob appeared, 
With an incredibly long twisted beard, 
He was a little esentrically weird, 
When over the snail he leared, 
He pulled a paintbrush from his pocket, 
And a rainbow paint set, 
Making the snail's dream come true, 
He was painted red, yellow, green, and blue, 
And now that Benjamin finally fit in, 
The rest of the bugs talked to him, 
The famous snail polyanne came to visit, 
With a snow white shell that seemed to fit, 
The male snails peacocked for her attention, 
But she wasn't interested in any of them, 
Then thick and fast came down the rain, 
And Benjamin was white again, 
The others looked him up and down, 
Trying to shove him from their town, 
But polyanne saw the real Benjamin Dwight, 
And she didn't care that he was white, 
For she had found her perfect match, 
And he was quite a catch, 
The other bugs stopped to stare, 
But polyanne didn't care, 
Because her motto was to be, 
Not being held back by discrimination, 
To live life happy and free, 
The way they were born to be. 

Thanks for reading, 

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