Wednesday, 25 April 2018

NaPoWriMo Day 25

Hello Readers,

Welcome to day 25 of national poetry writing month. Today's poem is a humour poem. Today is a ...

(image by RyanMcGuire, Pixabay artist)

Bad Hair Day 

No matter how hard I try,
I just cannot fix my hair,
A mane like an untamed beast,
Compared to a fuzzy bear,
It's hair would be better,
And god forbid it should get wet,
Because going outdoors,
I would regret,
People would think,
This girl's gone mad,
But if I cut it all off,
I'd look like a lad,
So what else can I do,
Than just deal,
As I attract birds,
Settling for a meal,
It sticks together,
Just like a mop,
And shifts about,
Like a flip flop,
Medusa's snakes,
Out to play,
Couldn't even stop,
This bad hair day.

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