Monday, 23 April 2018

NaPoWriMo Day 23

Hello Readers,

Welcome to day 23 of national poetry writing month. Today's poem is inspired by the current state of the world we live in.

(image by annca, Pixabay artist) 


When did it become acceptable,
To live in a land of litter, 
A world full of ignorance, 
Making it bitter, 
To pollute our oceans with plastic waste, 
Turning mother nature into black holes, 
Is this what it means to be the human race? 
Self-destruction condemning our souls, 
We've polluted our own air, 
The thing we need to breathe, 
Its time to take a stand and care, 
We deserve what we receive, 
Now that karma has caught up, 
What will become of us all, 
There's still life in the universal cup, 
To try and reverse our fall, 
So help the world today, 
In anyway you can, 
So that we can stay, 
Every animal, child, woman, and man, 
Because it won't last, 
In its degenerative state, 
Let's save the world fast, 
Before it's too late. 

Thanks for reading, 

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