Sunday, 22 April 2018

NaPoWriMo Day 22

Hello Readers,

Welcome to national poetry writing month. Today's poem is ...

(image by johnhain, Pixabay artist) 


A thousand dreams, 
And a hundred variations of myself, 
But as they say in Highlander, 
'There can only be one,' 
A list of achievements, 
Unfinished and said,
I wonder if I'll get them done, 
Before I am dead, 
Compelled one way, 
And then another, 
Enchantments all around, 
Too many passions to uncover, 
And the right path to be found, 
Stuck in self-destruction, 
A confused unmovable paperweight, 
With a mind too torn to function, 
But it's never too late, 
No matter how tough the choice, 
Decisions will come undone, 
If you listen to your inner voice, 
All the rest will come. 

Thanks for reading,

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