Saturday, 7 April 2018

Napowrimo 2018 Day 7

Hello Readers,

Welcome to day 7 of my NaPoWriMo poetry writing challenge. Today's poem is about friendship. There are friends, good friends, and then there are ...

(image by Anemone123, Pixabay artist)

Forever Friends

Forever friends,
Never judge,
They give advice,
Without a grudge,
Forever friends,
Are always there,
To no end,
Spreading care,
Forever friends,
Lend a hand,
And they always,
Forever friends,
Cry with you when you're sad,
And they calm you,
When you're mad,
Forever friends,
Aren't afraid to apologise,
And they'll protect you,
From other's lies,
Forever friends,
Inspire and motivate,
And it doesn't matter,
If they're late,
Forever friends,
Tell you when you're wrong,
And they'll help,
You sing a song,
Forever friends,
Share their goals,
They tell you secrets,
From inside their souls,
Forever friends,
Forgive bad traits,
And they'll help prepare you,
For important dates,
Forever friends,
Celebrate your weird spirit,
They see your heart empty,
And they fill it,
Forever friends,
Will join you in silence,
And hold your hand,
When you're off balance,
With forever friends,
No matter how much time goes past,
It's always a friendship,
That's sure to last,
Forever friends,
Help relieve your stress,
They carry half the burden,
And look past your mess,
Forever friends,
Could never be fake,
They'll show you forgiveness,
When you make a mistake,
Forever friends,
Help you rid your fear,
But above all,
They'll lend an ear,
Forever friends,
Help you mend a broken heart,
And they miss you,
Whenever you're apart,
Forever friends,
Compliment your happiness,
They don't need pretence,
And that's why forever friends,
Are the very best.

Thanks for reading,

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