Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Napowrimo 2018 Day 3

Hello Readers,

I hope you enjoy reading my third poem of the month, for day 3 of National Poetry Writing Month.

(image by Graehawk, Pixabay artist)

The Mundane Noose

Oh how the mundane,
Slips under your skin,
Infiltration of the brain,
Where you can never win,
Digging in those nails,
To get you to give up,
A celebration of the fails,
Drink from depressions cup,
It wraps it's heavy noose,
Tight around your neck,
As you struggle to get loose,
Thinking what the heck,
All the joys in your fairwell,
As you leave that life behind,
Up to heaven down from hell,
With discoveries to find,
And nothing left to miss,
If you feel trapped today,
Just remember this,
There's always another way.

Thanks for reading,

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