Monday, 2 April 2018

Napowrimo 2018 Day 2

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my NaPoWriMo challenge. I hope you enjoy my poem for day 2.

(image by Kellepics, Pixabay artist)


If you could turn the hourglass,
And choose to live again,
The chance at a free pass,
With everything to gain,
Turn back the grains of sand,
And step into the trail of time,
Watch the youth return to hand,
A second chance sublime,
Where every thought and secret,
Is trapped in a deep slumber,
The place where dreams meet,
From every fiery ember,
If you had that time again,
What would you choose to see?
Jump head first or refrain,
Who would you be?

And would you...

Live free from responsibility,
Without a crippled mind,
No regrets or negativity,
Unafraid to step in blind,
Trust others and love yourself,
Try harder to be brave,
Concentrate on your health,
Refuse to be someone's slave,
Would you live this time better?
Tell people how much they mean,
Wear what you want whenever,
Never hiding always seen,
Now there's only one question left,
A little thinking to do,
And its matter of life and death,
What's stopping you?

Thanks for reading,

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