Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Napowrimo 2018 Day 10

Hello Readers,

Welcome to day 10 of National Poetry Writing Month.
Today's poem was inspired by this morning's walk to work, in the pouring rain. Every time I seem to walk on the same side of the road where all of the huge puddles dwell, and it always ends the same way - with me being drenched by a passing vehicle. But, today was different, because today I made a change and decided to cross over and walk on the other side of the road, and I'm happy to report I stayed completely dry! Todays poem is called...

(image by MichaelGaida, Pixabay artist)

Analogy for Positivity 

Two paths ahead,
While the rain pours down,
A choice to make,
Walk on the same side,
Or on the other,
Pick the same fate,
Or choose another,
The other path is in clear view,
But what will I do?
Will I drown?
By the hand of cars,
And their wrath,
Or will I walk?
The other way today,
I make my choice,
And sigh,
A test of two attitudes,
To try,
My choice was right,
As I watch,
A pedestrian get drenched,
From head to foot.

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