Saturday, 30 December 2017

Happy New Year, Poetry, Art, Reflections and Resolutions

Hello and a Happy New Year,

December is a time for reflecting on the year that's passed, and making resolutions for the year ahead, so I'm excited to share my new years tradition with you.

But, first here's my latest poem inspired by a snowy morning walk yesterday.

Snow Day

A blanket of white devours the ground,
As people are tucked in their beds safe and sound,
Birds lose their feet in inches of the pale surround,
As little insects are buried underground,
A time for hybernation, creativity, and snowball fighting,
As the pale blanket brings extra lighting,
In the darkness of winter it clings to the trees,
Getting all over, set to freeze,
A beautiful cast of magic and play,
But for too long it cannot stay,
So open those childlike eyes and dream away,
Because today is a snow day.

Every year, on most days I make notes of the good things I have experienced throughout the year, storing them all away in a jar until the end of the year. Then, on new years eve I read all of the notes I have made, rembering all of the good times and things that have happened to me throughout the year. Some of the notes are about moments experienced, such as a trip to the theatre, cinema, or an event. Others are about good dreams, books read, test results, and happy days spent with family and friends. No matter how big or small each good thing is, they all go into the jar. Then, when I've relived all of those precious moments, I seal them in an envelope dated with that year, to look back on in years to come. Here's an example (with my troll guard):

A good things jar helps me to remember all of the good, even when life decides to throw a curveball. What would your good things jar say this year? I'd love to hear some of yours in the comments section below :-)

This year, I've also been reflecting on the steps I need to take in order to reach my goals (which mainly consist of writing more, practising yoga, and creating more), as I have no doubt that 2018 will be a very busy year. I look forward to starting my second year of university with the OU, on my new chosen pathway of Art, Design, and Innovation (rather than art and creative writing), as I figured one doesn't really need a degree in order to be able to write, so instead I will be persuing a degree in my other love - art. I also have plans to start a new blog for my art and designs, keeping it seperate from this one of course, but I will post a link on here when it's all set up, for those of you that enjoy art too. Until then, here's a sneak peak of what I've been painting:

But, although I'll be persuing my love for art more in the coming year, I will continue to write too. I have a lot of ideas rolling around my head at the moment, more of which you will find out about in the coming year. I'm also very excited that I'll be attending my first ever writer's conference in March 2018 (no not as a speaker, I wish!), I will post a review about this event shortly afterwards. Click the following link to find out more information about the writer's conference or to purchase tickets for the event:

And, last but not least, all of my five published books are currently FREE until new years day, please follow this link to get your free ebooks here:

That's all for now until next year, best wishes to each and every one of you, I hope 2018 will make all of your dreams come true.

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake.

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