Sunday, 30 April 2017

NaPoWriMo Final Day 30

Hello Readers,

Welcome to the final day of my 30 day NaPoWriMo writing challenge. I would like to give thanks to everyone who has read my blog throughout the past 30 days, and I hope you've all enjoyed the poems I wrote. I will definitely be participating in NaPoWriMo again next year, so if you've enjoyed this years poetry then please come back again next year to read more. And, of course there's always my regular blog posts with news, reviews, more poetry, and book excerpts. I have created a link below for each of the previous 29 poems, if you'd like to read any of them again, and by all means leave me a message with your favourite poem :-) thank you for your continued support.

My final poem is called The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Stories are everywhere we look,
Not just printed inside a book,
They're locked away in history,
With ancient clues to set them free,
They're trapped in each building on the street,
And, inside every person that we meet,
They make the world more interesting,
With the tales they tell and change they bring,
They inspire us to reunite,
Helping us have clear sight,
They live within our mind,
And every archeological find,
Some are taken to their grave,
Others written page by page,
We each have a story of our own,
Threaded into our soul it's sewn,
Existing in every word and rhyme,
Shimmering like jewels bright and bold,
Living on transcending time,
And yours is the greatest ever told.

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Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake. 

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