Friday, 7 April 2017

NaPoWriMo Day 7

Hello Readers,

Welcome to Day 7 of my NaPoWriMo writing challenge, where I will be writing and posting a new poem everyday for the whole of April!

Todays poem is called The Wordsmith.

I live to spread joy from poetry,
As the words flow freely from me,
I like to brighten someone's day,
With inventive wordplay,
Spreading sunshine far and wide,
From emotions usually confined,
Because a single friendly smile,
Is worth going that extra mile,
So here's to each and everyone,
Who lights my life like the sun,
Filled with the inspiration I need,
To plant the poetic seed,
That pushes me off the cliff,
Into a legend from the myth,
Developing the writers gift,
Earning the title of wordsmith.

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake.

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