Monday, 3 April 2017

NaPoWriMo Day 3

Hello Readers,

Welcome to Day 3 of my NaPoWriMo writing challenge, where I will be writing and posting a new poem everyday for the whole of April!

Todays poem is called The Snail Who Wore a Skirt.

Once there was a male snail,
He liked to wear a skirt,
His name was Simon Dale,
He enjoyed sliding in the dirt.

One day he came head on with a Slug,
A manly sort that didn’t understand,
He was known as Slime-ball Doug,
Who’d warned Simon off his land.

Simon stood unknowing what to say,
Doug was fiercely staring him down,
And, Simon didn’t want to stay,
Now, surrounded by half the town.

'This shell-boy thinks this is normal,'
Doug said, pointing at the skirt,
'Leave him be,' said a worm named Cal,
Simon hung his head ashamed and hurt.

'The Scots wear skirts,' a voice spoke from the crowd,
'But he's no scot is he?' another voice pointed out,
'That's called a bloody kilt,' another said out loud,
Simon glanced down at his skirt full of fear and doubt.

Publicly shunned by all the creepy crawlies,
Simon was cast out from the town,
They'd often stop to point and tease,
With more than one bewildered frown.

Then, Simon left his homeland for a small patch of dirt,
Until, his home town cast a siren on high alert,
Sliding back to save the creepies from a high wind that blew,
He well and truly slimed them up as they stuck to the dirt,
Saving all that was there, except for a few,
Then went down in history the snail and his skirt.

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake.

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