Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Flower Seller Book Review by Louise Lake

Hello Everyone,

I have recently finished reading The Flower Seller by Ellie Holmes. I really enjoyed this debut novel.

Here is my review:

The Flower Seller is a warm hearted story of love and forgiveness.
Jessie is your average middle aged woman with a husband, daughter and a job. On the day of her anniversary, William, Jessie's husband announces that he's been having an affair with a younger woman, and that he's leaving Jessie to be with her. Jessie is devastated after years of marriage and loyalty, but she also realises that she had chosen her job over her relationship many times.
Jessie soon meets a charming younger man, Owen - The Flower Seller. After embarking on a whirlwind relationship with Owen, Jessie finds herself happy and in love again, until Owen's past catches up with him. William leaves the other woman, still in love with Jessie, and he tells Jessie that he wants her back. Jessie admits that she's still in love with William too, but she also loves Owen. The question is who will Jessie choose as the book comes to a climatic end?

You can find out more about The Flower Seller here: Flower-Seller-Ellie-Holmes-ebook

And you can find out more about Ellie Holmes here: Ellie Holmes Author Website

Hmmm I wonder what I'll read next, more on that next time.

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake.

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