Friday, 3 June 2016

New books by Louise Lake: Young Adult Fantasy Series, Sequel to Arabella, Poems for Children and Book Reviews

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would give an update on what i am doing right now. First of all I have a lot of books that I am currently reading to review. The book I am reading at the moment is called 'The Flower Seller' by Ellie Holmes. I am really enjoying this book so far and I will be posting my review for 'The Flower Seller' later this month. 

I have begun writing a sequel Historical Romance Novel to Arabella, this will be titled Annoria and will feature fabulous artwork by Corina Matesan for the cover design, whose painting 'Learning to Dream' was used as the book cover for Arabella. 

You can find more information about the talented Artist Corina Matesan here: Corinas-Art-Gallery

As well as writing Annoria, I have also started writing a young adult fantasy series. The series will be called 'The Three Kingdoms,' and each book will also have a seperate title in the series. I had first planned for the series to be a trilogy, followed by a prequel novella, which would tell the backstory of the villian. But after much consideration, I have decided to make the series a quadrilogy instead, as I believe the series will work better this way. 

The first book in the series, which was originally the novella backstory will be called The Warlock. The Warlock tells the story of a baby abandoned alone in the Forbidden Forest on the outskirts of The Kingdom of Erinor. The baby is found by a local couple - Hogarth and Myra Crane. Hogarth and Myra have long wished for a child of their own, and after finding themselves lost on their way home - from The Triple Conjunction festival in Crease, they believe their prayers have been answered, when they stumble upon the baby. Little do they know that particular baby is destined to become much more than their son. 

I have recently bought the cover designs for all four books of The Three Kingdoms series, and I hope to release The Warlock sometime this winter. However I will post more updates on this later, along with the first chapter. 

I also have a third project I am working on steadily throughout the course of the year. This project is a second collection of poems. This book will be titled Poems for Children. I currently have just over ten poems for this book, but over the course of the year I hope to have fifty plus, inluding a sketch based on each of the poems. Poems for Children is inspired by all of the small rhyming books I read as a child, that concentrated on magical creatures and monsters, as well as ways of overcoming obstacles. Below is one of the poems that I have written for Poems for Children, titled The Goblin King.

The Goblin King

He has no grace upon his face,

A slimy green Goblin King,

The ruler of his monster race,

A terribly gooey looking thing,

His eyes are misshapen and yellow,

With slimy slugs hanging from his ears,

He’s not a very approachable fellow,

He’s the monster of every child’s fears,

He likes to snack on fingernails,

Ear-wax, muddy shoes and worms,

Dripping snot and rotten snails,

He’ll be sure to give you the squirms,

His hair is full of grime and gunge,

His hands are twisted spines,

His feet wet the floor like a sponge,

His body is full of bent and broken winds,

He has an ear-splitting screech,

He wiggles when he moves,

His breath smells like bleach,

With feet like hooves,

He is the Goblin King,

He’ll take pleasure in your moans,

He doesn’t laugh or sing,

He’ll spit out all your bones.

I hope that you enjoyed reading The Goblin King, and the taster of The Three Kingdoms young adult fantasy series. I will be sharing more about both of these projects in the near future

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake.

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