Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Review of The Call of the Raven by Amanda Balfour

Hello Everyone,

I have just finished reading an Historical Romance novel titled The Call of the Raven by Amanda Balfour.
The story is set in Scotland where highlander Morgan MacLeod visits Raven's Wood, to break the news to Malcolm MacKenzie's father of his sons death. Whilst there, Morgan meets Malcolm's sister Bethia MacKenzie. Bethia is a stubborn, strong willed character with a secret. Morgan discovers Bethia's secret and a relationship begins to grow between them. Only the evil Ross Cameron stands between them, as he intends on having Bethia for his bride no matter what the cost.

Here is my review of The Call of the Raven: 4 stars- a steadily paced but enjoyable read. I found the first couple of chapters a bit slow, but after that I started to get into the story. I liked Bethia's character and the romance that builds between Bethia and Morgan. The use of Scottish language was great to read, as it immersed me into the book making me feel like I was in Scotland. Overall a good read.

You can find out more about The Call of the Raven here: The Call of the Raven on Goodreads

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Louise Lake. 

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