Friday, 13 May 2016

Free Young Adult Horror E-book Thirteen: The Horror Collection by Louise Lake

Hello Everyone,

Just because it's Friday 13th I have decided to make my Young Adult collection of Horror stories: Thirteen: The Horror Collection FREE all this weekend.

Review: "13: The Horror Collection is 13 horror stories in one. They are all written in first-person. They are easy to read and very interesting, featuring common monsters from the night, such as: vampires, cursed objects, goblins, mermaids, and a killer clown.
I will be reading this to my nephew when he gets a bit older, however there is one f-bomb, which I will bleep out.
This collection is also great if you are camping out with your friends and you want to tell scary stories to each other.
And no doubt that you will have some favorites. Mine are: The Antique Doll, The Music Box, and The Amulet. However they are all good.
This is a highly recommended collection of Nightmares. I will be looking forward to reading volume 2, (especially The Trade). Keep up the good work, Miss Lake." - A. Redican.


It would be very much appreciated if you could leave a review, thanks.

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake.

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