Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Flash Fiction For Valentines

Hello Everyone,

Here is a short flash fiction story I wrote for Valentines.

Time and Place: A Flash of Love and Age.

 He had seen her before, but he wasn't sure where. He could not pinpoint time, nor place. She had a familiar look about her. Warm and inviting, with a seductive smile that he could not shake. But who was she? And why did he feel like he had known her before? He was not one to believe in past lives, or reincarnation. Yet, he still could not explain the nagging feeling inside of him. That manly gut feeling, that deep down inside they belong together.

When she walked passed him, her intuition heightened dramatically. Visions from another person's life hit her psychic senses, resulting in re-occurring flashbacks from centuries past. She could not explain these visions, nor did she understand how or why they occurred when they did. Yet, she knew, somehow, that he was the key. If she had any chance in uncovering the truth of the matter, she knew she had to find him. But fear held her back. She had been hurt before, and never truly recovered.

He lingered in the same spot on the street, at the same time for days after. Her vibrant ruby red locks and dancing green eyes, etched into his memory, like a famous painting he had studied years before. But she never came back.

Years passed, as they both grew older. Age crept upon them like a blanket of death. And soon they could barely remember any events from the past. But then one day, their paths crossed again. They stopped. Standing still in the street just looking at each other, as they lingered, staring into each other's eyes. Old and tired, they knew this moment was important. Yet they could not remember why. So once again they parted, going their separate ways. As they both held onto that face, which had already haunted them for so long. But, little did they know, they would meet again.

Thanks for reading,
Louise Lake.

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