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A Snow White Christmas Fairytale Christmas Story

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Santa Claus is on his way. Personally I love the Christmas season, and for all of those Christmas loving Elves out there (like me), here is a short Fairytale Christmas story inspired by Snow White, just for you. I hope each and every one of your wishes come true this Christmas, and I thank you for reading my blog so far, there will be many more posts to come in the new year. But for now I will wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy my story.

A Snow White Christmas

 There was once word of a prophecy that spread throughout the world. The prophecy spoke of a disfigured man who would find a beautiful girl with skin as white as snow, and she would be his undoing.

Whitney Snow was a kind and generous soul, she believed in treating people the same as she wished to be treated. And every Christmas she spent her day feeding those in need.
After her father had died; leaving Whitney in charge of his entire estate and fortune, she had cared for her stepmother and all of the poor towns people. Although she was warm-hearted, Whitney never truly had a friend. There was no one that she could depend upon like the many that depended upon her. She longed for someone to share all of those special moments in life with, somebody who would be there for her, if she should ever find herself in need. But Whitney did not give in order to receive, as all she asked for was a single smile, a smile that she would remember during the hardest times that life had to offer.

On Christmas Eve, Whitney Snow would spend the evening preparing a fine meal for the homeless and on Christmas day there she was sharing the fruits of her labours with the hungry and poor. Each of the town people's faces glowed with warmth as Whitney fed them all until they could eat no more. Half way through her rounds, Whitney stumbled across a small man made shelter, that seven tiny men inhabited. Each of the men sat around a single candle, attempting to warm their frozen hands. Whitney smiled as she turned back for several plates of food. After successfully balancing the plates on a trolley, she wheeled the meals into the shelter. Each of the men looked up, as soon as the smell of Christmas dinner hit their noses. One of the men sneezed at the smell, another smiled, one yawned, another's cheeks turned rosy red, one gave thanks, another leapt around dopily and the last man looked seriously unsatisfied. Yet no matter how they first responded they all scoffed the food with haste.

After watching the men clean their plates and fill their bellies, Whitney turned to take her leave, until the eldest of the men gathered the other six together and stood blocking Whitney's exit. Then all at once the men clung to Whitney with their tiny arms, showing their appreciation for her kindness. Whitney's eyes filled with tears as she smiled at the men before making her exit. On her way out she stumbled into a handsome man, who stood side by side with her step mother.

'There you are girl, I have been looking all over for you,' her stepmother yelled.

'What is the matter? Are you well?' Whitney asked.

'Quite my dear, I would like you to meet Chris Harming, everyone calls him charming. He will be helping you with your rounds today. Take good care of her won’t you,' Whitney’s stepmother said as she turned to leave.

'It's a pleasure to meet the girl with the purest heart,' said charming.

Whitney smiled not quite knowing how to respond. He was possibly the most handsome man she had ever met and she did not know how to react around him. He helped Whitney serve the meals, until the very last meal had been served.

Charming liked Whitney very much from the moment her stepmother had introduced them. But he wasn't there to like her; he was in fact paid to do something rather unpleasant. Yet as the day passed by he found her company more appealing, and he thought about breaking the promise he had made, yet somehow, something, seemed to pull him back into the mission he had been given. Whitney, however, was unaware of what charming was trying to do, and she only found him just as his nickname described; charming.

'Now it's your turn, here sit down and let me serve you,' said charming.

Whitney sat on a nearby rock, as charming waited on her hand and foot. His heart told him to stop, yet his mind told him otherwise.

As a child, Whitney was unaware that she was allergic to anything. Until one day her father came home with a basket full of fruit, and from all of the fruit Whitney picked out a fresh, rosy red apple. The moment her tongue touched the inner flesh of the apple, Whitney dropped to the ground like a brick. Her body lay cold and flat for minutes before her father found her and rushed her to the hospital. At the hospital Whitney’s father was told that his daughter was highly allergic to apples. Not just rosy apples, but all apples. Never again would she taste the sweet flesh inside, instead she would always watch people eat them from a distance, wishing she was them.

Chris was an only child, cursed to be alone for all eternity, as the scars from the fire burned the flesh from his face. He was a hideous monster and he eventually began to act like one. His mother Isabelle was a beautiful woman, some say the most beautiful who ever lived. But not long after giving birth to Chris, she died in a fire that was set by her jealous ex-husband Grey Stone. Grey had not approved of Isabelle’s elopement with a man he knew as Sebastian; whom he nicknamed beast for tearing them apart. Sebastian died soon after Chris was born, leaving young Chris fatherless and disfigured from the fire. He was later placed in an asylum, where he spent the days of his childhood. Until the one day came when Chris finally became a man, a deceiving witch visited him, making him an offer that he could never refuse.

Whitney's stepmother searched her entire life for a man of means, a man whose inheritance she could control, and when she married Whitney's father, she finally thought she had found that man. Only she was sorely disappointed to discover- upon his death bed, that he had a long lost daughter, who returned to him after living with her aunts abroad. Whitney’s stepmother was furious and wanted to snap Whitney’s neck right there and then, but she knew that in order to gain financial control of her late husband's estate, she would have to search for the wise old crone within, and wait until the exact moment that she could cast her revenge.

Whitney snow was sometimes referred to as being snow white, and she was often told that she looked ill due to the pale nature of her skin. Her lips were as red as the holly berry, and her hair as black as coal. She was only a young girl, barely seventeen, yet charming saw her as a woman. To he who had very little but an illusion for a face, she was the definition of perfection. The more he tried to feed her the seed of evil, the more the ugliness in him began to fade, for he truly did not wish to harm her. But he knew that if he did not, he would forever be trapped within the same skin, never to experience the warmth of another, and he longed to be loved.

The seven small men secretly followed Whitney, as she had already proven herself worthy of their loyalty. They watched charming from the shadows on the street. They could tell he was up to no good, and they would not let him harm her.

The seven men first met on a boat to England, each of them came from various places around the world, and they all wished to start a new life. They had heard that the people of England were hospitable and kind. Neither of them had very little money to line their pockets, but they held on to the belief that when they reached England all would be well. They had been cast out of their former homes by evil doers who did not understand why they were so much smaller than the average man. Humiliated and shamed they left without a further thought. When they stepped off the boat in England, they tried to find work, and for a short period of time they all worked in a coal mine together, until the mine was closed. The seven men struggled to find other work, being told that they just didn’t look strong enough for the jobs. They eventually gave up and admitted defeat, making a small shelter on the street that would become their home. Yet no matter what life had thrown their way, they were all grateful that they had each other, even if they had nothing else. Each of them had searched for a friend, and now they each had six.

Chris had changed his mind, he knew the consequences would be great, yet although they had only spent half of a day in each-others company, he could never harm her to get what he wanted. He knew that the wicked one would not be pleased with his sudden betrayal. But he found himself infatuated with Whitney, and he hoped that she would recognise him again, only without the charming face he wore so well.

Whitney’s stepmother checked the time, noticing that Whitney was late home; she took to the streets in search of her step daughter, wearing a long black gothic coat and a wicked grin upon her lips. In case Whitney was feeling peckish, her step mother had brought some home cooked broth to ease the winter’s icy touch.

Whitney’s step mother soon found her and Charming sitting close together, like lovers would. She persuaded Whitney to eat the broth she had made especially, but Charming stood against her.

‘N…’ Charming seemed to swallow his voice into the back of his throat. He tried to speak but nothing would come out. He was frozen in time and was forced to watch what was about to unfold.

When the broth touched Whitney’s lips, she noticed a familiar flavour from long ago, a taste she had not forgotten, a flavour embedded into her memory, the taste of death. A single tear fell from each of Charming’s eyes, as Whitney fell to the floor. Time had caught up with him all at once, it was too late to save her, but he still managed to catch her within his arms.

The seven men came rushing over, as Whitney’s stepmother got rid of the evidence, and returned home to what would be her estate and her fortune. As soon as the men saw who, or more likely, what, was holding Whitney inches from the ground they picked up rocks and dustbin lids, ready to scare the creature away.

‘Let her go you hideous beast,’ the grumpy one called out.

Charming lay Whitney down on a bed of grass across the road, before running his hands over his face. He was charming no more, instead he was once again what he feared the most; a beast. He turned away and ran into the shadows, as the seven men lay a blanket under Whitney’s still body, surrounding her with an array of vibrant delicate flowers, one for each minute she slept.
Charming appeared from the shadows later that night, as the seven men all lay asleep around Whitney’s still form. He had come to say goodbye and to say sorry, he regretted ever making the deal, for if he had not she would not be lying dead on the grass.

Snow began to fall as his lips touched hers. Each of the seven men woke up the moment their lips were bound, attacking charming from either side. But he did not care, as he let his lips linger on hers a little longer. Then something unexpected happened, she gasped, a deep breath of air filled her lungs, and she opened her eyes. Each of the men looked at Whitney with astonishment, as she did not see a monster in front of her, she only saw a man who loved her, and whom she loved in return.
She kissed his deformed lips without the slightest doubt that he was a monster. And upon doing so he began to change. His skin started to peel from his face, revealing a fresh new look underneath. He was whole again. The prophecy had come true; Whitney really was his undoing, just not in the way he had expected.

A year later as Whitney and charming visited the streets, to feed those in need on Christmas day, they saw a strange sight. Her stepmother lay on the ground cold and starving; waiting to be fed. In the spirit of Christmas, Whitney gave her stepmother only what she had ever wished to receive herself; a warm smile. Her stepmother leapt of the ground attempting to attack Whitney, until the seven men thrust themselves into a nearby tree, and as the tree came crashing down upon her, one of the men spoke, as they walked away believing her wicked stepmother to be gone for good.

‘Well she won’t be ruining Christmas again.’

And after that day they all lived happily ever after, or did they?

Thanks for reading, see you in the new year,
Louise Lake.

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