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I had never wondered about my existence. Why I am here or what I was meant for. I just know that I have a purpose- even though I don’t really know what that is.

I live the usual life that any reprogrammed technological advancement would. Some people want to terminate us but most however welcomed the idea of a bright new world, supporting the future existence and further developments of our generation. A world where humans and robots can co-exist as equals and live together in a new found society is what we all hoped for but there are selections of religious groups who claim we have no rights, as we are not naturally born into this world like the humans are. The Government tried to resolve this issue with the distribution of free bots to the main conspirators that stood against us. Racism against the bots however continued rapidly against us and many of my kind had to be sent in for R and S, known to the population as reskinning surgery, which is at its best a torturous and long procedure. Eventually the world began to settle and the strikes made against us became a momentary weakness of the past.

I married my first human husband exactly one hundred and fifty seven days and twenty one hours ago. He treats me how all bots are to be treated-with respectful commands. We have a rather normal approach towards our marriage-minus any feelings of course, as the humans have no emotions towards us and we have little towards them. Except for the small nagging feeling of accomplishing one’s personal best on each assignment we are given. Many call us slaves to the human desire but I liked to think of us as great helpers, as we could do things that humans could only dream of doing. We were all kept under strict supervision by our owners. Each of us wore a plain silver band around our arms that would signal any disturbance within our elements. We always followed orders and did what had to be done as we knew no different, that was until an unexpected collision came that would change our lives and those around us forever…


The year is two thousand three hundred and technology has just reached its peak. They say many years ago that technology was used in a much different way than today. People always say that you had to make inventions work for yourself instead of them working for you. However as soon as the world’s leading engineers and scientists combined the secrets of the past and future, technology enhanced dramatically. First of all mobile phones were adapted to do all of the work for you and the only effort that people had to make was to think of the conversations they wished to engage in within their minds and the phone would do all the talking for you without opening your mouth. Phones are now even higher up the scale as they were later linked to your brain frequencies so that you could imagine the recipient’s name in your contact list and the phone would begin dialling. Soon after the phones advanced digital clocks with second timers were built into the walls of every building so that nobody could ever lose track of time ever again. No one no matter how clever could make up excuses for being late into work or for any engagement of importance. If they were however they would be punished accordingly by the company in which they belonged to.

Every advancement was created by the governments very own team of specially skilled engineers and scientists. The greatest minds were gathered from all around the world. They were all backed with an enormous financial funding. Each of the scientists and engineers designed the most farfetched technology and sowing the seeds from one idea to the next a new generation was born. Many people all over the world stood against the government’s ideas and technological advancements. They said it could never be done and nothing would become of achieving victory to the possibility of a new technologically advanced world. But they were wrong as soon after everything changed.

Some years later when we believed that technology had finally reached its peak; cars were re-designed to drive themselves. They steered the wheel for you, changed gears, fitted new tyres, self-repaired through a built in highly efficient mechanics system, refilled themselves with petrol and had an automated directory and automatic directions programmed into the dashboard. They could change their colour and model within just seconds. They could even compact themselves from a large limousine into a small motorbike. The possibilities of this re-design were endless as the car could transform into whatever its owner desired at that specific moment in time.

Soon after the cars aeroplanes were enhanced. A new model was created that would fly a three hour journey in just a few minutes. The aircrafts were designed to fly themselves without the need of a pilot to guide the plane. An automatic food and drinks dispensing facility was built in under the seats. You could press a button for your choice of meal or beverage and it would be delivered directly into a nearby passage next to your seat hands free.

The world was rapidly spiralling into an abyss of technology and there was no stopping it from happening. The people seemed happy by the developments and as life became easier with all of the new inventions that were created the life expectancy of an average human being rose to two hundred years old.

Everything seemed to advance faster and faster as the years went by until the world was a different place to live. Countries and continents no longer existed anymore. The world was instead split off into different sectors. One hundred sectors in total sectioned off the world. A ranking system was put into place where the hottest sectors were numbered the highest and the colder parts were numbered the lowest. People struggled to adapt to the change. Especially the older generation, finding it hard to know what sector used to be what country in the world. They needed to know in order to visit their friends and families overseas but in the end they gave up trying to work it all out and stayed where they were until their families found them instead. But many people couldn’t be found as the system began in chaos. A separate sector, number one hundred and one was later introduced. Sector 101 was where all of the criminals, rapists and murderers were taken. It was set on an island that had detached itself many years before and travelled far away from the land into the middle of the ocean. The villains were transported by large underwater vessels called carriers. When they reached sector 101 they would be put into groups for whatever crime they had committed. The rapists were all put together into a huge pit without any clothes on their backs. The idea was that they would all attack each other and experience how it felt to become the victim of a violent crime. The murderers were all shoved into a room with black walls and no windows. Inside with them was a cabinet full of torture weapons such as axes, knives, vices, needles, sledgehammers and torture traps. A truly horrifying playground for the most demented souls. It was their own personal circus performance and usually after the new inmates were thrown in only a few hours later the room was splattered with the blood and body parts of over eighty percent of the inmates. For the survivors it was everything they dreamed of, their very own horror show. That is until they are slaughtered by the new arrivals. The idea with the murderers was to give them a taste of their own medicine as most of them believed they were invincible, the government decided to prove that they were in fact mortal to bring a sense of peace to the families of their innocent victims. The criminals who only committed petty crimes such as fighting, drugs and theft were put in a communal area and given a chance to work off their crimes like a debt. However if any of them ever did step out of line the watchers- who were like prison guards, would throw them in with the rapists or murders until they begged to come out which was usually only a matter of seconds. Although some unfortunate souls never made it out alive and once the murders had them trapped the watchers would not bother risking their lives to get them out as they knew all too well that they were already dead.

Boats went extinct twenty years or so before the sectors were put in place and instead were redesigned as an underwater carrier. The government thought that the experience to travel underwater around the many sea creatures was way more enticing than travelling above the sea and so the carriers were invented to replace the boats entirely. They were also easier for fishermen as they no longer had to steer them or have their nets ready. Instead to the rear of the carriers a giant vortex like suction cup was added which sucked in all of the fish, making the fisherman’s life one of ease and a way to make easy money. The look of money had not changed much over the years. The separate currencies for each country were abolished when the sectors came into action. Instead all of the currencies were consolidated into one single currency and everyone used the same. This currency was named the section. The section was split into one type of coin and one type of note. It wasn’t like back in history when they had dollars, pounds and euros and different types for each amount. Instead you would write the amount required on the front of the coin or note with your fingertip choosing the exact amount you require each time. You may be thinking but that means you can have an unlimited amount of money but you couldn’t. You still had to earn a living as nothing is free, that is something that never changed. Each person was given a universal account that reached up to a certain figure depending on their job. The more you earn the more you are given in your universal account as a living allowance but if you were to max out that allowance no more would be issued to you until you repaid the entire funds back. It’s kind of like an ancient way they used to have called loans where you lend the money and once it’s been repaid the limit goes higher until you can’t have anymore. That’s how a universal account works. For instance if you earn a low income then you will only be allowed a low allowance but if you earn a lot you will be given a generous allowance. Each allowance is updated every year on the first day of the new moon and is expected to last but if an account is maxed out within a month the account holder will have a further eleven months to go without anything. In which case they might not survive as many deaths are caused by poor conditions these days. The universal account was invented as a way to help people manage their money fairly and not overspend with what they don’t have. Instead of having companies pay people weekly or monthly like they did a hundred years ago this idea was introduced to maintain balance and stop people from borrowing money that they could not repay in their lifetime. First the loans were stopped and everyone was given a clean slate and then paid a year in advance into their universal accounts. There were a few who thought that they could get away with being transferred the money and then quitting their jobs or not working at all. But the minute this problem arised the government cracked down on lazy people and they were given a choice, go to work or go to sector 101. You could still work part time or full time that never changed but of cause if you worked part time it was a lot more difficult to manage your yearly allowance. The new way inspired many people to study more until they had one of the higher paying jobs so that they could live the rest of their lives in comfort and not worry about descending into a state of poverty during the course of their lifetime. Although some did not care and still tried to fight the idea when it had been put into practice, all to no avail they all failed and either ended up being given a good job or being sent to prison, as it was now part of the law to not stand against the governments decisions. Not without life threatening consequences of course.

The government made a number of changes over the course of time and with each change came losses and gains. Law and order seized to exist as the police and fire departments were closed down one by one until they no longer existed. Hospitals advanced far beyond the imagination until they transcended into life enhancing facilities. With new technology and machines more lives were saved than ever before and most diseases were cured in an instant except cancer which they are still working on. You would think that there would be a cure for cancer after a few hundred years, they got really close a number of times but unfortunately the treatments always failed to fully cure the patients. Although they could prolong a terminally ill patients life by three to five years which was a major breakthrough and a stepping stone to discovering a lasting cure. The government closed all voting systems down soon after the world had been swept into a sea of misery. Promises were broken and people were being forced out of their homes. Riots broke out and world war three began. All thanks to the wrong parties winning time and time again the world became one giant mess. New parties stepped in to undo the damage that had been done but it never worked. Countries all over the world had to step in to help others but that just brought them further down with them. Until the day came when the government said, ‘enough is enough’. They decided to wipe the slate clean and rebuild the world from scratch. With one step at a time they turned the world around. Presidents, prime-ministers, kings and queens all faded into the background as they were cast out. The Government then had full control of everything and everyone.

The appearance of almost everything changed. Train tracks were built above ground and trains could go from nought to one billion miles in just sixty seconds. Time and space was adjusted with the movements of the trains from the inside so that no one could actually feel the speed of how fast the train was moving. As if they could feel it from the outside they would die instantly and the result would not be pretty. The trains were built with a new material called lexophane. Lexophane is a highly developed material as flexible as latex and strong as steel so that trains can move faster with more wind behind them. House designs were revised and buildings were ripped down all over the world and rebuilt in a new image. Houses were made into round bubbles, cone towers and cubes. All designed with interchangeable interior. At just a push of a button the whole interior will change to a number of automatically built in designs, with more unique designs available to purchase from the system programme. Bricks were replaced with a clear fireproof film that adapts to the weather. Come rain or shine the walls can heat up, cool down or even strengthen for worse conditions such as tornados where the walls need to be impenetrable. The occupier can see everything from the inside but nobody can see in from the outside. Voice command locks were added to four doors that surround each building. TV’s, stereos and other material possessions were built into the walls and hidden into the flooring to make living spaces more spacious and tidy. Escalators were built into all of the paths and roads and cars were no longer needed as there was a fast lane and a slow lane. The fast lane was for people in a rush and the slow lane was for anyone who fancied a quiet stroll or had time on their hands.

With the machinery that was built many people were forced to loose manual labour jobs and as a result work became easier. Warehouse workers were replaced with machines and bars were replaced with automatic drinks dispensers. But hospitals still required doctors and nurses, shops still required staff and offices still required assistants. To ensure humans would not become lazy and lack exercise altogether the government never invented anything like a self-cleaning house or self-cooker that would prepare, cook and place every meal for you. Cooking and cleaning chores were still a chore as they had been for the thousands of years before. A new self-recycling system was put into practise nothing had to be separated as the machine would do that for you. All you needed to do was tip the trash into a machine that was placed at the end of every street corner. The education system turned into a nightmare for some students as everyone developed at a different rate. University and college were merged into one single educational environment where you would learn everything in a single course. The average student would be out of school and into university by the sweet age of sixteen. If you were super smart you could finish high school and move onto university by the age of ten, however if you were a slow learner you could end up in school until the age of forty the world’s oldest student to date was forty one years old. By the time he had graduated there was no time for university and instead he was placed into a work program never becoming anything more as he had dreamed, although he was paid handsomely. Tattoos were banned and everyone with ink on their body was made to have their tattoos erased by a new laser system. The system was quick and painless as the lasers could remove a body full of ink in three seconds flat. Piercings were made to look as if they never existed and men were ordered to wear suits whilst outdoors at all times except when working in messy environments such as cafes and hospitals. The government’s mission was to clean up the world, add order and advance into a whole new level of being. Their mission was successful but another world was waiting around the corner, one that would destroy everything they had ever created.

Thanks for reading,

Louise Lake.

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