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Poems For All Occasions Chapter One

Hello Everyone,

This is the first chapter from Poems For All Occasions (Forewords are only included in special edition version).  I really hope that you enjoy chapter one and consider buying the book.

Chapter 1: Fantasy Poems


Fantasy is a very special subject within our world as it allows us to imagine anything that we can see within our minds eye. Our imagination’s greatest achievement is the variety that fantasy creates.
I enjoy writing fantasy the most of all genres as I like the idea that anything is possible, any creature that I think of can come to life on the page with added rhymes along the way to create a poem, not in the usual style but as a short rhyming story instead.
Let your imagination soar as you read each poem and try to imagine each and every character in great detail, you never know they may just inspire you to write your own.

A Choice of Two Worlds

Since I was young I’ve lived under the influence of vampire,
Waiting to take the world by storm and create my own empire,
An empire of savage creatures with a liking to blood,
I want to tell you a secret but I don’t know if I should,
This secret is known by only a select of earth,
But before I tell you I warn you of no mirth,
My secret is my being my creation and my chapter,
The next chapter of my endless ever after,
From this comes pain, deception and cruel,
My secret is a war between man and beast a duel,
My plan starts with the taking of lives,
Mankind will suffer from all death brings,
We will steal and change their former wives,
Reborn to a leadership of beastly kings,
Last breaths of inhaling their blood lost corpse,
Vampires ruling another planet with power ridden force,
For now the secret is yours to keep till the end,
I hope you choose well my half-blood friend.

All Hallows Curse

They’re hairy and scary,
You should be weary,
Of the captain and his skeleton crew,
They crushed a fairy,
And all went leery,
When the witches boiled their brew,
They crawl through your windows on all hallows eve,
Kidnapping children leaving no time to grieve,
They’re silent and deadly with their swords,
Brainwashing children to believe they are lords,
It’s a blood boiling mission to retrieve,
The souls of children the witches receive,
All hell will break loose upon the day,
The captain and his crew are lead astray,
When the witches boil their brew,
Resurrecting the captain and his skeleton crew.

Beyond Earth

Aliens crawl on the moon at night,
They find their way by starlight,
They appear in a ship long and bright,
At the speed of sound to be out of sight,
The suction on their skin helps them remain,
As activity bounces inside their brain,
Their skin is slimy and wet like a fish,
Their eyes are hollow and slightly reddish,
They raise their heads to watch planet earth,
Imagining the day of an apocalyptic rebirth.


A dark angel with wings of steel,
A bounty hunter with souls to reel,
Once you’re in you can never escape,
Unless you’re revealed without skin in a cape,
A minion lost in the world of souls,
Channelled through deep dark holes,
Slipping away from the brim of the knife,
Crossing through the afterlife.


One day I heard a voice coming from the trees,
I gazed into the forest and the voice decreased,
Still I couldn’t shake this feeling of wonder,
With no space within my mind to sweep it under,
Daring with adventure I stood my ground,
And walked into the forest to follow the sound,
It grew much louder as I neared a bush,
And then faded into a silent hush,
The bush grew tall with hands and feet,
Followed by a hand ready to greet,
Big red eyes popped out to my surprise,
The colour of crimson murdered skies,
I stood in a fit of utter panic,
The creature must have thought me manic,
Because within a blink of my eye,
The creature had left me high and dry,
My entrance was blocked with no way out,
Leaving me trapped without a doubt.


Once long ago before our time,
There lived mermaids descended from slime,
One known as violet was born from the darkness,
To put a discovery to the test,
The discovery was of the land beyond,
Beyond the water that would break her bond,
Surrounded by green trees that made their mark,
Large clumsy creatures tarred through the bark,
One with wings flew into the sky,
As violet gazed up high and wondered why,
Why her kind hadn’t dominated this land,
And crawled off shore through the sand,
As she swam for pearls for the queen,
She wondered and imagined if it was a dream,
Deciding it was time to leave the ocean,
Violet put her story into motion,
She swam to the shore to get a close view,
Already missing her home the only one she knew,
She glided up onto the sand,
And slowly crawled onto the land,
Her breath grew short as she turned to leave,
But then the air filled her up and she began to breathe,
Rays from the sun burnt scale after scale,
And formed a skin beneath her tail,
She crawled for days with her tail in a flap,
Until it hit a sharp rock and began to snap,
Her tail split forming two pieces,
As she stood and walked her fin formed creases,
The creases transformed into two flat bases,
Two feet that allowed walking in many places,
A water born creature producing mankind,
Of her former existence none can find,
This is a theory of how we began,
On the day the mermaid set to her plan,
Now in spirit she is a goddess,
And will forever be remembered as none the less.

Forbidden Love

There once was a fairy, who rode a unicorn,
Who once met a warrior by the name of Thorn,
He was built with muscle from head to toe,
And was captured by the fairy’s sunshine glow,
But they couldn’t be together by magic law,
Even though each other they dearly did adore,
They asked a goddess to break this law,
But she only replied, ‘this would lead to war’,
So the warrior and fairy decided to part,
Holding one and other in each-others heart,
The fairy had immortal beauty but the warrior grew with age,
And began to reach his life’s final stage,
The law was then dropped and the fairy flew to his side,
Only to discover her only love had died.

From Beyond the Grave

Here comes a tale of forgotten lore,
Derived from the lips of the maiden Lenore,
The prince wished from the angel of love,
To send him a beauty from the heavens above,
The next day on his windowsill sat a pearl dove,
And from its beak it spoke of love,
‘You will soon find the one you long for’,
‘A beauty that goes by the name of Lenore’,
She will give you the gift of a first born son,
And die when the birth is over and done,
Your son will grow with wealth and power,
But then he’ll die upon the very same hour,
For this statement to be fake,
The life of Lenore you must take,
Was this dove from heaven or disguised hell,
There’s no way of knowing no way to tell,
But from the grave Lenore would scream,
Never able to wake from this dream.

I Believe in Fairies

Glowing little people all dance and shout,
With rich cheeky smiles and perfect pout,
Practising magic in forests and ahead,
Flowers and trees make a resting bed,
Tiny flapping wings and shining glitter dust,
The keepers of the forest and creatures you can trust,
Sweet little fairies with hearts of gold,
Shaping the world into a perfect mould.

Living beneath My Flowerbed

I had aliens living in my backyard,
I took them out and they got barred,
They drunk all of my mums milk,
And scurried through her dress of silk,
They kicked a fuss when I said ‘no’,
And shot me with electric glow,
They ran through the park and scared a kid,
Ripping the roof off a car like a plastic lid,
They dug huge holes in my flowerbed,
So I shot them down till they were dead.

Our Mother

She’s the magical mother of all,
Sky lit stars and flowers so small,
With Flora and Fauna within her power,
Bringing illumination to the darkest hour,
With leaves and flowers for her hair,
She spreads her beauty for all to share,
She is the goddess and creator,
The ultimate mother nature.

Realm of Fantasy

Up the stairs and down the wall,
Dracula’s bride arrives at the ball,
The vamps dance around in Halloween cheer,
As lost souls float contagiously in fear,
Drac appears to greet the guests,
As the werewolves are lead upon their quests,
Ghosts and ghouls down by the hall,
Hear the phantoms unearthly call,
Witches caldrons boil and bubble,
As the blood dripping walls begin to double,
Franks monster lurks down below,
As the skeleton bones crack and echo,
In the dungeons far underground,
Beneath the coffins bloodshed and bound,
Lay the deformed creatures of the night,
Showers of thunder send the bats off in fright,
Trolls wrapped in velvet create an image to sell,
As we enter the seldom constitution of hell,
Killer spiders spiral out of control and die,
As we notice the moans of the goblins cry,
Watch out for the razor mouthed plant that launches a bite,
As the temple of orbs show us the light,
But then it’s not all as it seems,
Listen! Can you hear the un-heavenly screams?
This is the house that will devour your dreams.

Skeleton Monsters

Skeleton monsters wait outside the schools,
To snatch children and turn them to ghouls,
They creep under your beds at night,
To give you the most terrifying fright,
They hide in your closet to steal you away,
And you can smell them a mile from their decay,
At the tick of the clock on the midnight hour,
They’re deadly and scary and at their worst power,
If you invite them they will devour your soul,
Putting flesh on their bones making them whole.

Stealing the Sky

I once travelled into space,
To discover a much evolved race,
But I wasn’t prepared for what I saw,
A race of walking sharks with no jaw,
One came over and shouted ‘k-caw’,
I turned and ran to my spacecraft door,
When I got there it wouldn’t open,
The next thing I knew I was surrounded by ten,
They gazed deep into my eyes,
A rare breed of the wise,
They scanned my brain for all I knew,
Questioning why the earth’s sky is blue,
Then I fell onto the ground,
And awoke restrained and bound,
I asked one question I asked why?
‘We want to steal your earth’s sky’,
Completely impossible I thought in my head,
But when I returned earth was dead.

Take me to Terabithia

I want to swim to the land beyond,
Like the imaginary fishes in my bleak blue pond,
Encased in an egg born from a raw bald hen,
Free me away from my confined soul pen,
I want to sink into fairy dust drops,
Be reborn like meads of crops,
Floating through a breeze with dreams of flight,
I want these creations with all my might,
But as a rule I want my own secret freedom,
Like a Terabithian forest a place for my own kingdom.

The Angel on the Riverbank

A path made of cobbles and stone,
Beyond the entrance of my home,
Leading up a hill to a great pink tree,
A breeze spirals blossom petals free,
The wind echoes whistling the way,
North lies a park where no children play,
A dark sadistic hole with a creaking swing,
A metal slide that haunts a melodic ting,
East is nothing but the house next door,
And south leads to the view of my gardens floor,
But west is a beautiful sight to behold,
Emerald river banks and a stream of gold,
Sparkling like diamonds as it meets the eye,
And just above doves and angels fly,
One angel sits on the bank with a harp,
Filling the air with music sweet and sharp,
Her hair hung loose in silver curls,
With a lilac dress made of pearls,
Cherubs gather round to hear her sound,
At the place to the west that’s rarely found.

The Black Widow

One night in dreary drizzle,
Appeared a man with hair of frizzle,
He searched the shadows far and wide,
Looking for his own corpse bride,
A widow he was of four that were lost,
To his own hand with a touch of frost,
Never discovered sly creature of the night,
Turning women’s dreams to terror and fright.

The Creature Preacher

Here comes the creature preacher,
He’s a deadly gruesome feature,
He walks around to preach his word,
Standing his ground until he’s heard,
He’ll screech to split your eardrums,
With a toxic grin and erect thumbs,
His violet stare is made to scare,
His arms are matted like a bear,
He comes and knocks on your door,
And stares you down to the floor,
Shrinking you down to pocket size,
To bake you in his homemade pies.

The Dragon in the Forest

In a forest of imaginary beings,
In a place of kings and queens,
Lays a dragon ten foot and six inches tall,
A fiery red that flies wall to wall,
The dragon one day stepped into the mist,
And came head on with a sword and a fist,
The slayer trembled with shivers and shakes,
While the dragons heart pounded earthquakes,
Both stood facing each other scared and alone,
The dragon spoke politely, ‘I can get you a throne’,
‘If you shed my blood’, the dragon spoke loud,
‘The princess will look away as she will not be proud’,
‘As she freed me from the castle once long ago’,
The dragon promised her a prince and back he would go,
The slayer threw down his sword and held onto the dragons feet,
Heading off in flight to the princess he would meet,
The dragon kept his promise and the slayer and princess wed,
Then back into the forest the dragon had fled,
So if you come across a dragon as red as a flame,
Then at least know that this one dragon is tame.

The Dream Weaver

A weaver of dreams though he may be,
You wouldn’t want to invite him for tea,
He weaves nightmares for children to see,
Taking prisoners and never setting them free,
He steals all colour and leaves only black,
Leaving their minds under vicious attack,
He will blow all their sweet dreams away,
Forcing them to meet with their decay.

The Full Moon

Thick grey fur covering head to foot,
Bones reconstructing without a cut,
Deep dark settings around the eyes,
Low moans come from howling cries,
Stretching skin that’s torn apart,
Fast loud beats within the heart,
Transformation is less than dull,
Whenever outside the moon is full.

The God of Imagination

The god of imagination seeps into your soul,
He’s buried deep within with one and only goal,
To spread the written language through rhymes and literature,
To paint mild and vibrant shades upon each and every picture,
He is ultimately willing with a desire to share,
His knowledge is found within the wise and the rare,
Behold the beauty in all of his creations,
His wisdom rules the world with mighty patience,
He is a writer, sculpture, artist and teacher,
Embedded in our souls we find this creature,
Lurking far deep within,
Until the fireworks begin,
When inspiration strives with compelling thought,
To be documented as each pupil’s taught,
He’s trapped beneath the surface making his escape,
Shadowed with protection of the human cape,
He will vaccinate the mind of its longing pain,
To gain from his brain the talent to entertain,
The god of imagination lives beneath our skin,
Seeping throughout tares when his powers kick in.

The Gory Story: Torture Chamber

Why don’t you come on in?
Full of hope or full of sin,
I could take you against your will,
If you really fit the bill,
I want to play with your brain,
And spill the blood within each vein,
I’ll dig your eyes out with a spoon,
Until you collapse within a swoon,
I’ll slice your eyelids with a razor,
And mount your tongue upon a taser,
I’ll rip off your skin to make a sculpture,
And lick what’s beneath like a carnivorous vulture,
I’ll ram a blade through your ears,
And drive you insane with tears,
I’ll bring to life your worst fears,
For I’m the creator of darkness that leers,
I’ll tug your intestines and drive a stake through your heart,
And this I will do until you depart,
Then I will make mincemeat of you,
And feed you to my human zoo.

The Indian Princess

The prince and the Indian met with a smile,
On the earth from the forest one mile,
The first touch sealed their hearts as one,
Melted and entwined beneath the sun,
She said, ‘follow your heart down to the river’,
‘Come and claim me stop being a giver’,
‘I’ll always be yours for the keeping’,
‘Even after you’re buried and sleeping’,
‘The gods will lend a hand in our unite’,
‘The gods of the darkness and of the light’,
They were soon married within a garden of gold,
A bond so strong creating true loves mould.

The Nights Song

Night owls sing to the sacred moon,
The blackest bats fly in a tune,
The hell of the dark begins to arise,
Glowing the sky with blinding dragonflies,
A pool of moonlight falls to the ground,
Within the black night you will find yourself bound,
Silence as death is all you can hear,
Strangers searching slyly in fear,
The moon is blue and the night still dark,
Dragonflies float with an electric spark,
Shadow shade portrays an image of night,
Chilling your skin to the brim with fright,
Creatures commence with a power ridden force,
Moonlight fades as sunlight opens its doors.

The Mermaid

A goddess of beauty and shimmering delight,
A seductive temptress filled with fright,
Swimming softly with sparkling silver scales,
The most memorable of all mermaid tails,
Her song echoes to the shores and riverside,
And men will follow the tune from far and wide,
A magical presence as her spell she will try,
Enchanting men to fall in love then die,
Time after time a goddess will find,
Man after man until the end of mankind.

The Sacrifice

Hellish creatures all dance around,
Moving their bodies from air to ground,
Singing along to a haunting chant,
Bringing forth an Elephant,
A sacrifice to Lucifer himself,
To keep him alive in perfect health,
The devils form a circle one by one,
As they begin their day of tormenting fun,
They lay down a sword in honour of their king,
Not much of a king but more of a thing,
Stabbing the Elephant with sudden force,
Abandoning all feelings of remorse.

The Story of Lorna Doodyke

Lorna Doodyke would feed her pet pike,
And do a wheelie on her bike,
To impress her lover Mike,
But then one day she crashed and fell,
And awoke within the shell of hell,
She begged the dark lord to let her leave,
But this she just could not achieve,
How can I escape she thought?
She imagined Alice’s cake that made her short,
But if only such things existed,
She would not have her limbs torn and twisted,
For within this violent shell she would remain,
Hell is now her true domain.

The Tainted Fairytale

Boil, boil, boil and bubble,
Free me from beneath this rubble,
The maiden and the prince hurried away,
Leaving me here to decay,
Stealing him away with her beauty and charm,
Forcing me to turn on them with harm,
Escaping from my magic and power,
Abandoning me in this falling tower,
I’ll climb up high and grow my hair down the wall,
Enchanting the prince to come along and call,
For then I will conjure my love spell,
And send the maiden screaming to hell.

The Wax Museum

One day I went to a wax museum,
Because I couldn’t wait to see them,
An ugly creature stared at me,
With the face of a fish and body of a flea,
It looked so real that I imagined it blink,
But then I really saw it wink,
I looked for help but was alone,
From its lips came a low toned moan,
Then its legs began to wiggle,
And I knew it would go in for the kill,
The wax began to melt off its skin,
Ripping off every scale and fin,
Mucus covered bones and blood remained,
Leaving the creature tired and drained,
But then it looked into my eyes,
Letting out screeching cries,
A dart shot out from its face,
And I collapsed as I began to race,
When I awoke I could look,
But covered in wax I was stuck,
So one day if you see shifty eyes,
Listen out for my moaning cries.


Victor thought he was an ordinary child,
His mother never brought him up to turn out wild,
One day a postman posted the post,
And victor charged the door dressed as a ghost,
The postman bolted, scared out of his wit,
Victor thought it was funny the postman recovering a fit,
Victor left the bath running to play in the swamp,
But mother walked in and her lip she did chomp,
Furious with anger, tears and despair,
She sat victor down and rapidly cut off his hair,
Victor struggled and screamed ‘mother no’,
Mother said sharply, ‘then please victor go’,
Victor rose with tears in his eyes,
Ready to say his final goodbyes,
He picked up a spade and hit himself around the head,
When his mother turned around, her baby victor was dead!
Now a true ghost to haunt this house,
Victor was grave, as silent as a mouse.

What If?

What if a meteor landed one day?
And with one touch you began to decay,
Human turned plant form,
An overgrown bush of deform,
It can only grow and dominate,
Spreading wide to escalate,
Sweet silence there’s not long to wait,

Until dead grass becomes its fate.

Thanks for reading,.

Louise Lake

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