Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Special Edition Book Poems For All Occasions

Hello Everyone,

My new printed book Poems For All Occasions Special Edition is now available to buy from Amazon and Createspace for £12.99/$19.39.

'Poems for All Occasions is a captivating collection of the first 240 poetic works by Louise Lake. Containing poetry on a wide variety of subjects including fantasy creatures and special features, birds, love, angels, seasons, movies and much more. Poems for All Occasions captures the essence of life, love, experience, fantasy, inspiration and imagination in a book that is unlike any other with its delicate blend of creation, you are taken to a world beyond your imagination. Special edition version includes special edition cover, note to reader, digitally signed, foreword on each chapter and the creature feature with four new poems.'

Thanks for reading,

Louise Lake.

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