Monday, 20 October 2014

Silver City Synopsis

Hello Everyone,

I have just added my novel info for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month- to write 50,000 words during the 30 days of November)

I hope you like it, here it is...

Name: Silver City

Genre: Science Fiction


The world is hit by a sex specific virus that soon aids a new world order being put into practice by the government. Humanity and science combine to create robots that will replace the dying population of the female breed.

Religious groups fight against the developments- seeing the robots as unnatural and unholy beings. Whilst an electromagnetic force field turns the world into a never ending cycle of chaos.

A fembot named Gemini is blindly following orders meanwhile human Marie is taking her last dying breath. Oblivious that their paths are destined to cross, combining into a scientific advancement that could alter the fate of mankind forever.

A final battle prevails to prevent a soul sucking machine from causing the extinction of the entire universe. This is a story of order, love, war, betrayal and extinction of the human race or so it seems…

Novel Prologue

I had never wondered about my existence. Why I am here or what I was meant for. I just know that I have a purpose- even though I don’t really know what that is.

I live the usual life that any reprogrammed technological advancement would. Some people want to terminate us but most however welcomed the idea of a bright new world, supporting the future existence and further developments of our generation. A world where humans and robots can co-exist as equals and live together in a new found society is what we all hoped for but there are selections of religious groups who claim we have no rights, as we are not naturally born into this world as the humans are. The Government tried to resolve this issue with the distribution of free bots to the main conspirators that stood against us. Racism against the bots however continued rapidly against us and many of my kind had to be sent in for R and S, known to the population as re-skinning surgery, which is at its best a torturous and long procedure. Eventually the world began to settle and the strikes made against us became a momentary weakness of the past.

I married my third human husband exactly one hundred and twenty one days ago. He treats me how all bots are to be treated-with respectful commands. We have a rather normal approach towards our marriage-minus any feelings of course, as the humans have no emotions towards us and we have little towards them. Except for the small nagging feeling of accomplishing one’s personal best on each assignment we are given. Many call us slaves to the human desire but I liked to think of us as great helpers, as we could do things that humans could only dream of doing. Although we were all kept under strict supervision by our owners. Each of us wore a plain silver band around our arms that would signal any disturbance within our elements. We always followed orders and did what had to be done as we knew no different, that was until an unexpected collision came that would change our lives and those around us forever…

Also I have set up a fundraising page for the cause and to support Nanowrimo as they are a non-profit organisation.

All donations go towards free writing classes and education for children and students around the world so that one day they too can share their stories, no matter where they are from in the world.

Everyone that sponsors me will have their name listed on the acknowledgments page of my new novel Silver City.

Every little helps and all small contributions will be as much appreciated as the larger ones.

Thanks for reading and please click on the link below to donate-

Thanks for reading,

Louise Lake.

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