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Sample Poems From Poems For All Occasions

Hello Everyone,

I am currently editing my poetry collection that I will soon be publishing into a book called Poems For All Occasions. I am very excited about the release of this book as I have written these poems over the course of the last six years and I really can't wait to share them with you. 
Here are some of the near three hundred poems that will be included in the book...

Life after Death

Bringer of death I fear thee not,
For in my passing I will not be forgot,
Your dark feathers do not scare,
As I know I’ll still be there,
Not in body but soul instead,
My time to walk with the dead,
But fear I do not congratulate,
As it’s my time and mortal fate,
I know I don’t have to hide,
As I’m still here I never died.

The Ink of Imagination

As I dip my pen in the ink of imagination,
I see no morality for any desiccation,
I wish to sculpt a new world for our nation,
Of fine speech and characters of validation,
I want to rise far beyond my current station,
And leave behind every feeling of alienation,
I will draw a universe of my choosing,
Always winning and never losing,
And stop the swelling and the bruising,
Of every person the world’s been using,
I’ll illuminate the world with light and song,
And retract all the moments that have gone wrong,
So that everyone can have a second chance,
To live in the light of their lives and dance.

Our Mother

She’s the magical mother of all,
Sky lit stars and flowers so small,
With Flora and Fauna within her power,
Bringing illumination to the darkest hour,
With leaves and flowers for her hair,
She spreads her beauty for all to share,
She is the goddess and creator,
The ultimate Mother Nature.

The Dream Weaver

A weaver of dreams though he may be,
You wouldn’t want to invite him for tea,
He weaves nightmares for children to see,
Taking prisoners and never letting them free,
He steals all colour and leaves only black,
Leaving their minds under vicious attack,
He will blow all their sweet dreams away,
Forcing them to meet with their decay.


Once long ago before our time,
There lived mermaids descended from slime,
One known as violet was born from the darkness,
To put a discovery to the test,
The discovery was of the land beyond,
Beyond the water that would break her bond,
Surrounded by green trees that made their mark,
Large clumsy creatures teared through the bark,
One with wings flew into the sky,
As violet gazed up high and wondered why,
Why her kind hadn’t dominated this land,
And crawled off shore through the sand,
As she swam for pearls for the queen,
She wondered and imagined if it was a dream,
Deciding it was time to leave the ocean,
Violet put her story into motion,
She swam to the shore to get a close view,
Already missing her home the only one she knew,
She glided up onto the sand,
And slowly crawled onto the land,
Her breath grew short as she turned to leave,
But then the air filled her up and she began to breath,
Rays from the sun burnt scale after scale,
And formed a skin beneath her tail,
She crawled for days with her tail in a flap,
Until it hit a sharp rock and began to snap,
Her tail split forming two pieces,
As she stood and walked her fin formed creases,
The creases transformed into two flat bases,
Two feet that allowed walking in many places,
A water born creature producing mankind,
Of her former existence none can find,
This is a theory of how we began,
On the day the mermaid set to her plan,
Now in spirit she is a goddess,
And will forever be remembered as none the less.

Realm of Fantasy

Up the stairs and down the wall,
Dracula’s bride arrives at the ball,
The vamps dance around in Halloween cheer,
As lost souls float contagiously in fear,
Drac appears to great the guests,
As the werewolves are lead upon their quests,
Ghosts and ghouls down by the hall,
Hear the phantoms unearthly call,
Witches caldrons boil and bubble,
As the blood dripping walls begin to double,
Franks monster lurks down below,
As the skeleton bones crack and echo,
In the dungeons far underground,
Beneath the coffins bloodshed and bound,
Lay the deformed creatures of the night,
Showers of thunder send the bats off in fright,
Trolls wrapped in velvet create an image to sell,
As we enter the seldom constitution of hell,
Killer spiders spiral out of control and die,
As we notice the moans of the goblins cry,
Watch out for the razor mouthed plant that launches a bite,
As the temple of orbs show us the light,
But then it’s not all as it seems,
Listen! Can you hear the un-heavenly screams?
This is the house that will devour your dreams.

Skeleton Monsters

Skeleton monsters wait outside the schools,
To snatch children and turn them to ghouls,
They creep under your beds at night,
To give you the most terrifying fright,
They hide in your closet to steal you away,
And you can smell them a mile from their decay,
At the tick of the clock on the midnight hour,
They’re deadly and scary and at their worst power,
If you invite them they will devour your soul,
Putting the flesh on their bones making them whole.

The Creator

Beware children as you step inside,
This is where the wild things hide,
Hairy monsters prowl around,
Locked up in a cage below ground,
Experimented upon by a doctor of deform,
Digging up the dead and making them warm,
He is a mental, deranged nutter,
A master slicer and expert cutter,
He crawls under your skin with his knife,
How do you think he met his wife?

A Choice of Two Worlds

Since I was young I’ve lived under the influence of vampire,
Waiting to take the world by storm and create my own empire,
An empire of savage creatures with a liking to blood,
I want to tell you a secret but I don’t know if I should,
This secret is known by only a select of earth,
But before I tell you I warn you of no mirth,
My secret is my being, my creation and my chapter,
The next chapter of my endless ever after,
From this comes pain, deception and cruel,
My secret is a war between man and beast- a duel,
My plan starts with the taking of lives,
Mankind will suffer from all death brings,
We will steal and change their former wives,
Reborn to a leadership of beastly kings,
Last breaths of inhaling their blood lost corpse,
Vampires ruling another planet with power ridden force,
For now the secret is yours to keep till the end,
I hope you choose well my half-blood friend.

For Better or Worse

With these words from my heart,
I pray my soul will never part,
From your own,
Forever sewn,
Neither of us left alone,
In these memories that we keep,
The love for each other we will reap.

With this ring I ask of you,
Always be there when I am blue,
I will commit my love to you,
When I say the words ‘I do’,
Always one forever true.

With these eyes I do see,
You’re the one, who’s made for me,
You fit perfect like a glove,
Which is why you’re my true love,
Only for you my eyes do blink,
Because you are my missing link.

With luscious lips I do kiss,
Your sweet pout I would miss,
A kiss was what began this verse,
I’ll love you always for better or worse.

In the Presence of…

Love will live on, love will conquer all,
Nothing lasts forever come rise come fall,
Love resorts to violence,
Love resorts to silence,
Branded and scarred upon the heart,
Sometimes torn and aching to start,
Bodies ignited with passion and bliss,
From the moment of true loves first kiss,
Hearts ticking with beats of emotion,
Creating mankind’s greatest potion,
Entwined souls blessed with love,
From pastel skies of the heavens above,
Harmoniously floating as free as a dove,
To unlock the universe the key is love.

My Friend Chip

One day I met an ogre by the name of chip,
He had a large head and extended hip,
He could crush your bones in three seconds flat,
Whilst suffocating another in his belly of fat,
His teeth could crunch through a truck,
You would become paralysed by one look,
But lucky for me chip is my friend,
Any problems I have he will mend,
And if someone should stand in my way,
With one breath chip will blow them away.

Starving Marvin

One day from beyond the stars,
Stepping off the planet of mars,
Appeared an alien by the name of Marvin,
Small, odd bald and starving,
Starving Marvin his name would be,
I invited him round to mine for tea,
Eating a leg of lamb and half,
With tentacle teeth I could almost barf,
Still starving after all he ate,
He turned around and ate my mate,
I stood gazing not knowing what to do,
Until upon my arm came his chew,
I slapped him with a fish trying to get him off,
Until he started to choke and began to cough,
I punched him in the belly and he deflated even more,
Then came off his jaw as he crashed down to the floor,
Poor starving Marvin he only wanted a bit of grub,
Now he’s buried underneath my bathroom tub.

A Letter to the Angels

Dear angels please protect me,
So that I may live life fully,
Take my palm when I am sick,
Appear through a flicker at a candles wick,
Pick me up when I am down,
Shower me with a reversed frown,
Take my worries for your own,
Guide me to my place my throne,
Kiss me on my cheek at night,
Energize my life with a light so bright,
Lead snowflakes to my windowsill,
Enhance my life with joy and thrill,
Guide me to my love and cause,
Keep me safe from harmful wars,
Promise me you’ll always be there,
And I shall never know a care,
Cherish but never abandon me,
This is my prayer,
Blessed be.

The Buskers Devil

An inspiring magic in the presence of he,
A master of puppets he seems to be,
Devilish eyes and sombre black hair,
Made from wood and completely rare,
Characteristic dances song after song,
A violin attached to a string so long,
A jig to the melody and a laugh from the crowd,
This busker is hypnotic and makes me proud,
To have been in his presence is sheer delight,
His fame and fortune I wish with my might,
Great big smiles and the air full of joy,
This man could rule the world with his wooden toy.

Breaking All Phases

Bella and Edward are more alike than they seem,
Although falling in love with a vampire seems more of a dream,
In the sunlight his skin shone like diamond dust,
And defiant obstacles like James became a must,
The Cullen’s killed James with screaming fire and rage,
As Edward freed Bella from her burning blood cage,
Twilight was over before it began,
But then New Moon came into plan,
Edward abandoned Bella at a black dead end,
Jacob the liken became Bella’s best friend,
Bella cliff dived and Edward believed she was dead,
So off to the Volturi Edward had fled,
Planned death to expose his diamond self until Bella showed,
Eventually Edward came home to Bella and again their love flowed,
Edward proposed in a profound speech,
Bella made her plea but became his leech,
But this story’s not over as Eclipse would appear,
Bella confessed her love for Jacob with undoubted fear,
Victoria returned with the new borns and a plan of attack,
With the dogs and cold ones allied they stormed the new borns with a single whack,
As for the finale that is Breaking Dawn,
Bella wed Edward and inherited his spawn,
But baby Renesmee brought bad fortune to Bella’s ill state,
Bella’s human form died as she returned to her bewildered fate,
Edward’s venom heavily pulsated through Bella’s veins,
Jacob imprinted on Nessie as if he held her in chains,
Bella awoke pale and mystique with death as her new life,
Being the best new born Edward was overly fascinated by his wife,
Edward and Bella raced as they hunted close to night,
Their lives were each others eternally and began in Twilight.


When I was young my dad said, ‘You’ll be a heartbreaker’,
Now that I’m older I have found his words to be true,
I’ve delicately blossomed into a soul taker,
And the next on my list is yours from you.

The Power of Sight

Red is the colour of blood and fire,
Pink is the candy we desire,
Orange is a bright delight,
Yellow’s seen and kept in sight,
Green is the cat’s eye and grass in a park,
Black is the sky in the night after dark,
White is cotton clouds and the light of the moon,
Purple is violets and lavender in bloom,
Brown is the indulgence of chocolate and coffee,
Blue is the rain, rivers and sea,
Silver are the stars that shine down on earth,
Gold is for winners and what they are worth,
So choose a favourite to keep close,
Decide which one you like the most,
Colours are magically engraved in our sight,
Be thankful we don’t live in black and white.

Soldiers of Today

I’d like to thank you all,
Whether taking defeat or fall,
You are the hero’s of the nation,
And you deserve this dedication,
Gods of war in a far off land,
Let the angels of protection take your hand,
Soldiers born with brave stealth,
Fit and trained to perfect health,
Screams and horrors you must see,
Hostages dreaming of being free,
You’re all awesome in your own way,
I pray you all make it home someday.

The Final Score

Government cuts lead to war,
The proof lies within time before,
People protest,
Only to make their country the best,
It’s time for the lost generation to be freed,
Instead of scarred and forced to bleed,
People protest their beliefs for the young and old,
They march, scream and shout proud and bold,
But riots break loose and people get hurt,
Their final frontier with their face in the dirt,
While I agree that it should be freedom for all,
I’m with the rise but not the fall,
Our world has seen too many wars,
When mostly power was the cause,
Money for arms and ammunition,
But for what condition,
The publics jobs are cut and homes are lost,
And that’s the true devastating cost,
In the end what will be the outcome,
Death for most and freedom for none,
People remembered for their bravery,
Some executed for their slavery,
Freedom of speech shouldn’t cost a price,
Neither should people’s lives face the slice,
This my friend is the world at war,
But what will be the final score.
(Will this lead to the end of our earth?
No more smiles, no more mirth).

Thanks for reading,

Louise Lake.

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