Monday, 30 June 2014

Favorite Quotes From Mina Harker: The Curse of the Vampire

Hello Everyone,

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Mina Harker: The Curse of the Vampire.
What are yours?
If you've read my book then please feel free to share your favorites in the comments box below.

‘black for the butcher and red for the blood that he takes’

‘how I love Jonathan’s perfect glowing smile, he is the essence in which my heart lives’

‘he wants your soul’

‘Dracula, the blood sucking demonic spore of hell’

‘I am here to kill this dark creature of the night and send him back into the bowels of hell, the very place he rose from’

‘my eyes were as red as blood and my skin was of a porcelain ivory complexion with indescribable beauty that shone all the way around my face, bold and full of unique grace’

‘the phantom beating of my black heart’

‘your wife is dead and all that sits before you is the youthful shell of a woman with no heartbeat that once was but no longer is’

‘you are not only my life and reason for existence but you’re my wife, my love and my soul and I doubt that I can live without either’

‘oh how I loved my new found flavour, such a sweet crisp flavour: a flavour to savor

‘death is all that I could feel when his eyes came into parallel contact with my own, like a disease hanging onto the remaining part of life’

‘I belonged to a rare breed of blood-sucking fiends that prey upon the echoing pulses of innocent victims’

‘parents ran around searching for their beloved children. Men could only watch as their wives were incinerated in the great burning flames. Children were burnt to ashes still fully formed in their scorched beds. Homes were burnt to cinders and the people that remained inside were baked to death’

‘back in the language of ancient Latin, a group of monks foretold pieces of the future carved into each of their bodies. Their bodies were excavated a few years ago with a strange mark carved beneath their chests. I looked this mark up; this was the mark of Satan, the mark of hell. Anyway they believed that Satan would create a creature that would in turn create another, a half blood. Half man, half monster, a key to the portal of hell’

Thanks for reading,

Louise Lake.

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