Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Poems For All Occasions Sample

Good news!
After a few unforeseen delays I have just received Mina Harker: The Curse of the Vampire back from being proofread. I have a few errors to correct and some text to rework but the book will be available very soon. I feel so excited to share this with you as it will be the first book I publish, which will then be followed by Poems for all Occasions.
Poems for all Occasions will feature around 250 of my own original poems based on fantasy, real life experience, humour, love and many more subjects.
Here's a little taster of Poems for all Occasions for you...

A Choice of Two Worlds

Since I was young I’ve lived under the influence of vampire,
Waiting to take the world by storm and create my own empire,
An empire of savage creatures with a liking to blood,
I want to tell you a secret but I don’t know if I should,
This secret is known by only a select of earth,
But before I tell you I warn you of no mirth,
My secret is my being, my creation and my chapter,
The next chapter of my endless ever after,
From this comes pain, deception and cruel,
My secret is a war between man and beast- a duel,
My plan starts with the taking of lives,
Mankind will suffer from all death brings,
We will steal and change their former wives,
Reborn to a leadership of beastly kings,
Last breaths of inhaling their blood lost corpse,
Vampires ruling another planet with power ridden force,
For now the secret is yours to keep till the end,
I hope you choose well my half-blood friend.


A dark angel with wings of steel,
A bounty hunter with souls to reel,
Once you’re in you can never escape,
Unless you’re revealed without skin in a cape,
A minion lost in the world of souls,
Channelled through deep dark holes,
Slipping away from the brim of the knife,
Crossing through the afterlife.


Once long ago before our time,
There lived mermaids descended from slime,
One known as violet was born from the darkness,
To put a discovery to the test,
The discovery was of the land beyond,
Beyond the water that would break her bond,
Surrounded by green trees that made their mark,
Large clumsy creatures teared through the bark,
One with wings flew into the sky,
As violet gazed up high and wondered why,
Why her kind hadn’t dominated this land,
And crawled off shore through the sand,
As she swam for pearls for the queen,
She wondered and imagined if it was a dream,
Deciding it was time to leave the ocean,
Violet put her story into motion,
She swam to the shore to get a close view,
Already missing her home the only one she knew,
She glided up onto the sand,
And slowly crawled onto the land,
Her breath grew short as she turned to leave,
But then the air filled her up and she began to breath,
Rays from the sun burnt scale after scale,
And formed a skin beneath her tail,
She crawled for days with her tail in a flap,
Until it hit a sharp rock and began to snap,
Her tail split forming two pieces,
As she stood and walked her fin formed creases,
The creases transformed into two flat bases,
Two feet that allowed walking in many places,
A water born creature producing mankind,
Of her former existence none can find,
This is a theory of how we began,
On the day the mermaid set to her plan,
Now in spirit she is a goddess,
And will forever be remembered as none the less.

Forbidden Love

There once was a fairy, who rode a unicorn,
Who once met a warrior by the name of thorn,
He was built with muscle from head to toe,
And was captured by the fairy’s sunshine glow,
But they couldn’t be together by magic law,
Even though each other they dearly did adore,
They asked a goddess to break this law,
But she only replied, ‘this would lead to war’,
So the warrior and fairy decided to part,
Holding one and other in each others heart,
The fairy had immortal beauty but the warrior grew with age,
And began to reach his life’s final stage,
The law was then dropped and the fairy flew to his side,
Only to discover her only love had died.


Water, earth, wind and fire,
The four elements to admire,
Fire transpires to passion and scold,
Earth conspires to shape and mould,
The wind whispers secrets untold,
Sunlit waters sparkle gold,
Each unique in their own way,
Used and needed every day,
Fire is used to keep us warm,
Water to drink for the bodies we form,
Wind is used to cool us down,
Earth is used to build a town,
Without these elements we could not live,
So let’s give thanks for all they give.

Thanks For Reading,

Louise Lake.


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